Tambuwal says Nigeria sinking after meeting Buhari

Aminu Tambuwal, a presidential aspirant under the auspices of the Peoples Democratic Party, has likened Nigeria on the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari to a sinking ship.

Tambuwal’s unflattering assessment comes a day after he held a closed-door meeting with President Buhari.

While meeting a forum of former ministers on Thursday, the governor of Sokoto (Tambuwal) said that Nigerians were “overstretched”. He said many citizens are wondering what they are doing in Nigeria.

“I’ll tell you that is a general concern, virtually in every nook and cranny of this country”, he said.

Tambuwal said he knew some Nigerians living in communities bordering Niger Republic and who would prefer to sleep there for safety reasons.

“Where I’m presiding over as governor of the Sokoto, neighbouring Niger Republic. We have communities that are not more than 10 kilometers to each other in Nigeria, and the Niger Republic.

“As I speak to you some of those communities, once it is evening, move into Niger Republic, where they can sleep with their two eyes closed, and in the morning, they come back to Nigeria.

“So I quite understand how precarious our situation is, in terms of insecurity and displacement of people of this country.

“I have multitudes of IDPs in my state, and we have been managing a very troubling situation in my state,” he said.

In Tambuwal’s view, he said the country is “rudderless” and like a “ship without its captain”, adding that “we are in a ship that is clearly sinking.”

“And  it behooves all of us, irrespective of whatever our leanings are, irrespective of where we’re coming from, to rally round together to rescue our country.”

TheCornet reports that Tambuwal had defected from the All Progressives Congress, the party on which platform he became governor, to the Peoples Democratic Party.

He was originally of the PDP and had equally emerged speaker of the house of representatives in 2015 before joining the APC. He was part of the splinter PDP that fused into the APC at its founding.

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