Putin spars with Biden over ‘killer’ comment

Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired back at U.S. President Joe Biden over his comment.

Biden was asked in an interview whether he thought Russian President Vladimir Putin is a killer and said “I do.”

Putin said the comment rather reflected America’s past and present history of slaughtering Native Americans and slavery. He added the painful legacy has weighed on the United States.

“Otherwise where would the Black Lives Matter movement come from,” said Putin during a video call with residents of Crimea marking the anniversary of its 2014 annexation from Ukraine.

Russia on Wednesday announced it’s recalling its ambassador in Washington for consultations.

Commenting on the Russian move, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki emphasized that “we will be direct, we will speak out on areas where we have concerns, and it will certainly be, as the president said last night — certainly, the Russians will be held accountable for the actions that they have taken.”

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