Police discriminatory on Buhari’s policy – teachers

Some aggrieved teachers have alleged the Nigeria Police Force discriminated against them regarding their years of service. They equally claimed being owed salary arrears, since their compulsory retirement in 2021.

The aggrieved teachers accuse Rabi Umar, a Commissioner of Police, who is the Force Education Officer, of failing to extend their years of service, in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s policy on teachers’ retirement.

In their joint statement, the protestors said that Umar executed the policy to benefit only few among the retired teachers.

“By doing so, she automatically removed the names of 31 teachers in police schools who ‘retired’ in 2021”, the aggrieved teachers said.

“Moreover, the FEO is not the Minister of Education and coordinating minister of elongation of service, who has government mandate to speak and issue directives on the matter,” they argued, adding that “Umar bent her own rule by secretly including some teachers” while leaving out the others.

“This obvious policy inconsistency attests to the fact that CP Rabi Umar is bent on denying the 2021 ‘retirees’ by all means. She has now put us in a dilemma because we did not process our retirement benefits last year, yet she’s trying to scheme us out of the new pension law,” they said.

The affected teachers want Buhari, the head of civil service of the federation, ministers of education and police affairs, and the inspector-general of police to intervene in their matter.

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