Obi to Tinubu: ‘Nigeria needs a stingy president like me’

Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, admits he is miserly with money, in what seems his riposte to the tirade from another contestant, Bola Tinubu. The ruling party’s standard-bearer, Tinubu, had said at a campaign stop in Adamawa State that Obi was ‘stingy’ and would make Nigerians go hungry if he elected the president in the next month poll.

Speaking at Onitsha, in Anambra state where he was governor for eight years, Obi said the country “needs a stingy person.”

“They said that I am a stingy man and I say they didn’t say that I am extravagant or that I embezzled public funds only that I am stingy and I tell you the job and the Presidency of our country needs a stingy person,” he said.

For him, Obi opined the “presidency is not about turn”, adding no one is qualified to make such entitlement claims than himself.

“The job of a President is not a retirement home or for any kind of settlement but about uniting and rebuilding the country,” Obi said, too.

The LP presidential hopeful told his audience at the All Saints Cathedral Field, Onitsha, that his desire “to end suffering and build a new Nigeria” motivated him to join the race.

“What I did in Anambra, I will do in Nigeria. We will negotiate (with separatists, insurgents etc.), but whoever refuses, we will tell him there is a government,” he said. He also promised to improve the country’s industrialization among other things and urged Nigerians to hold him responsible if he fails to deliver on his undertakings.


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