Multi-millionaire car gifts donation from friends – Malami

Nigeria’s minister of justice and attorney-general of the federation, Abubakar Malami, has denied the allegation he bought over 200 exotic vehicles as gifts to APC delegates in Kebbi state.

Malami has declared his interest to run for the office of governor in Kebbi.

In a statement on Wednesday, the minister’s aide Umar Gwandu, said friends and associates donated the cars to support his (Malami) gubernatorial ambition.

“The story attributing vehicle distribution to Malami was mischievous and misconstrued information.

“It was friends and associates of Malami who donated and distributed vehicles to long-term workers in the Khadimiyya Foundation.

“The occasion was not for distribution of vehicles to any APC stakeholder. None of the APC stakeholders or delegates in Kebbi State was given any vehicle by Malami. I have not yet donated any vehicle to any delegate.

“You can contact the national secretariat of the APC, get the lists of all the APC stakeholders and delegates in Kebbi State. Do an investigative story to reach out to them, then you realise how fictitious the claim is.

“Comparing the names of APC stakeholders and the beneficiaries of the vehicle will reveal to you that there is no connection between the two and the two are not connected whatsoever”, he said.


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