May judiciary not destroy Nigeria, says Adegoruwa in reaction to Electoral Act ruling

Respected lawyer, Ebun-Olu Adegoruwa, a senior advocate, has reacted to the judgement directing the federal government to delete section 84(12) of the Electoral Act.

In his post on Facebook, Adegoruwa allegorically said: “May the judiciary (lawyers and judges) not destroy Nigeria in our lifetime.”

Adegoruwa reasoned that the  Electoral Act being an act of the National Assembly cannot be nullified by a court, without the legislature knowing of the proceedings that birthed the judgement.

“How can you ‚Äúnullify‚ÄĚ an Act without joining the institution that made the Act, so that they can be heard concerning what they did?

“When a defendant (Federal Government) rejoices over a judgment delivered against it as a party, then you know there is problem in Nigeria.”

The senior lawyer also advised “the¬† National Assembly, the political parties and NGOS appeal against the judgment as interested parties.”

“Why do you want to hold on to your office as a political appointee and at the same time be a candidate in an election?

“May Nigeria not happen to us in this way,” he said.

Suspicion has continued to trail the ruling delivered by Justice Evelyn Ayandike of the Federal High Court, Abia, on the matter.

Moreover, the ruling came after the Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami said the federal government was considering approaching the court on the Electoral Act.

Following the ruling, which specifically asked the minister to delete the section from the Electoral Act, Malami caused a statement to be issued saying the ruling would be implemented speedily.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives has said it was not served any notice on the proceedings before the ruling was delivered.

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Benjamin Kalu, spokesperson for the house of reps. told journalists on Friday that the lower parliament would know what action to take after receiving the Certified True Copy of the ruling.

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