Lovestruck policeman blows off own head, shoots girlfriend to death

A lovestruck police officer seething with rage over a misunderstanding with his girlfriend has shot himself and his lover to death in Kwara state, in north-central Nigeria.

The policeman, Olalere Michael, trailed the single mother to the school her daughter attends and shot her three times in the chest. He followed by shooting himself in the head.

The incident happened at the private school in the state capital, Ilorin.

A report alleged Micheal and his lover, Tosin, had a disagreement. Tosin reportedly fled to avoid Micheal’s rage. He is said to have stormed Tosin’s friend’s house while looking for her. He subsequently decided to lay a siege for her at the school, where the horrific shooting took place.

The police authorities said operatives have evacuated Micheal’s and Tosin’s corpses to the morgue.

Okasanmi Ajayi, who speaks for the state police command, said the scenario was a case of love gone sour

He said, ‚ÄúThe command wishes to state clearly that the deadly incident was an aftermath of love gone sour and that it has nothing to do with police brutality.”

He added that the incident was under an investigation.


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