Imo Poly graduating student faces panel over sexual remarks

The authorities of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, in Imo State, has made a graduating student, Ogechi Okorafor, appear before its disciplinary panel over her sexual gratification comment.

Ogechi, in a now viral video, had claimed she was able to graduate from the institution due to God and using her private part.

She would later claim that she meant to say, ‘popsy’, a slang for father.

Ogechi made the clarification following the backlash that greeted her revelation, particularly from the school management.

The comment had also forced the management and its students’ union to put out different disclaimers on Ogechi while stating that the institution maintained strict morality against sex-for-grade.

But, contrary to the disclaimer by the duo, Ogechi insists she is a bona fide student of the institution, in an interview she granted the Punch.

Ogechi said the panel played the video of her comment to her and asked her to comment on it.

“I appeared before a panel in the school. The video was played to me and I was asked to react.

“I told them it was a mistake and that I was deeply sorry for whatever my mistake had caused the school.

“I apologised to them and I believe they saw how remorseful I was. It was never my intention to do anything that would impeach the integrity of the school. I know products of our school are respected all over the world and I wouldn’t do anything that would tarnish the hard-earned integrity of the institution.”

Ogechi said the management equally invited her mother but she was unable to attend due to her ailing leg.

She promised to accept any punishment as an atonement for her sin and to demonstrate her remorse.


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