Four men gang-rape female pastor

Four men have allegedly gang-raped a female church minister after a break-in.

The suspects reportedly broke into the United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, where they took turns to have sex with the pastor without protection.

The alleged rapists hushed the pastor, threatening to hit her with an iron bar if she made a noise.
After the rape, the men fleeced their victim of some valuables, including her money, laptop, mobile phones, even, groceries.

The four men also reportedly forced the pastor to drink a sour substance from a wildcat container, which made her weak.

After the incident, the pastor decided to lodge a complaint with the police.

The police referred her to a hospital, where she examined and it was confirmed an intercourse had taken place.

The police succeeded in arresting the suspects, identified as Ronald Nambo, Palace Gwinhi, Tinashe Nyamayaro, and Cuthbert Homakoma.

They were subsequently arraigned in court, but pleaded not guilty to rape and other charges leveled against them.

Source: Herald

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