Father returns home to find wife, daughter gruesomely murdered

A man returned to his home to find his wife and 2-year-old daughter gruesomely murdered.

The incident happened at Die Poort, Mahno Grounds, in South Africa.

According to Southern Cape police, the bereaved man arrived at his home with his son, but could not gain entrance.

“Trying to gain access, he found that the door was locked from inside. He subsequently sent his son through the window who unlocked the door from inside. It was when the gruesome discovery was made,” said a police spokesperson Malcom Pojie.

When the husband eventually got in, he met his wife lying on the kitchen floor with multiple stab wounds, while his daughter was immersed in a bath of water.

“Both already succumbed to injuries sustained. An autopsy will be performed on the bodies to determine the possible cause of as well as possible time of death,” Pojie said.

Police said they made a breakthrough with the arrest of a 32-year-old suspect.

“The suspect is due to make his first court appearance once being charged with murder,” Pojie said.

Source: IOL

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