500 lawyers to defend APC’s Gawuna against Kano Gov. Abba

Nasir Gawuna of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has attracted support from a group of lawyers, acting under the auspices of the Guardians of Democracy and Rule of Law.

Joseph Onwudiwe, a lawyer, stated this at a press conference he addressed in Abuja.

Onwudiwe said his group took the decision to fight “the unwarranted attacks on the judiciary.”

He said: “And certain moves to blackmail the Court into giving backing to wanton electoral malfeasance and vote heist.

“We will no longer fold our arms as lawyers and watch the judiciary be continuously harangued and the temple of justice desecrated by a group of people who failed to perfect an electoral heist,” he said.

Onwudiwe applauded the sound reasoning that resonated in the judgments of the tribunal and the Court of Appeal.

He said that the judgments aligned with the yearnings and aspirations of the majority of Kano people as expressed in the valid number of votes cast in the March 18 Kano Governorship election.

He said the group was not surprised that Gov. Abba Yusuf of Kano State and his agents had become insistent in selling propaganda in the name of a contradiction in the CTC of the Appeal Court Judgment.

Nigerians will have nothing but pity for a party in a suit who finds no premise upon which to launch a successful appeal against a judgment backed by law and fact.

“May we repeat here that the judgment of the Court of Appeal on this case was a very straight forward one which rightly dismissed the appeal of Abba Yusuf and upheld his sack by the tribunal,” he said.

He said that the courts envisaged clerical errors in judgment and therefore embedded in their handbook and rules, enactments that empowered it to vary its judgement to reflect original intentions.

Mr Onwudiwe urged Nigerians not to cave into the misleading narrative being pushed by the agents of Yusuf who were grasping at the clerical error on page 67 of the CTC of the Court of Appeal judgment.

This, he said, was geared to bring the honourable justices who delivered the sound judgment to public disrepute.

He stressed that the importance of the judiciary in keeping the country’s democracy alive and thriving could never be overemphasised.

“We are with the judiciary and we assure them of our unflinching support as they move to save Nigeria’s democracy from vote riggers and election fraudsters.

“We must sanitise our electoral system now and build a strong democratic wall against vote inflation and other electoral malfeasance,” he said.


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