Toolz tackles Oyedepo over controversial ‘testimony’ 

Tolu Oniru, a celebrity radio presenter and talk show host, has weighed in on the weird revelation made by Faith Oyedepo, wife of affluent Pastor David Oyedepo.

The Oyedepos own the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel.

Faith had revealed how the wealthy pastor ordered to be served his meal despite her telling him she had suffered a miscarriage and was bleeding.

Using the revelation as a testimony of faith, Faith claimed the pregnancy was instantly restored after the pastor spoke.

In a thumbnail reaction, Toolz said, “Pls don’t do this. If you’re bleeding from a possible miscarriage…go to hospital,” she wrote.

The 40-year-old Business and Mass Communication graduate from the London Metropolitan University added the “last thing” a woman in a similar situation should do “is making food for anyone.”

In another tweet, Toolz cited Nigeria’s high maternal mortality as the basis for her concern over the cleric’s statement.

“Nigeria has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the world, and someone is here saying ignore bleeding during pregnancy and enter kitchen,” she tweeted.

David and Faith Oyedepo are faith-based pastors primarily focused on miracles.





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