Man kills bosom friend, sells body parts to pastor

A man has conspired with two others to murder his bosom friend, after which they sold off his body parts for ritual purposes. The incident happened at Owode, in Ogun State.

The man, identified as Idowu Abel, lured his friend, Adekunle Muyiwa to a farm, where he and his accomplice, Clement Adeniyi killed him and dismembered his body.

The deceased’s brother, Oluwaseyi Adekunle, following the former’s disappearance, lodged a complaint with the police. Abel became a suspect, given that he had been seen earlier with the victim.

While being interrogated, Abel confessed to killing his friend. He also told the police that a herbalist contracted him to fetch him a human head, hands, and heart.

He said a pastor, Felix Ajadi, introduced him to the herbalist who promised to pay him N200,000 for the job. He equally confessed that the herbalist had paid him N80,000 upfront.

However, the said herbalist, identified only as Abeeb, could not be found as he had escaped upon learning of Abel’s arrest.

‘The suspects, including Clement and Pastor Ajadi, are currently being investigated by the State Criminal Investigation Department,’ said a statement by Abímbola Oyeyemi, the spokesperson for the Ogun Police Command.

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