Kanu’s IPOB plans southeast lockdown, demands his ‘unconditional release’

The outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has asked the Federal government to release ‘unconditionally’ Nnamdi Kanu by November 4, else it would lockdown the southeast from November 5-10.

Emma Powerful, who claims to be spokesperson for the outlawed group, said this in a statement released on Saturday.

“Our leader, onyendu Mazi Nnamdi must be released unconditionally on or before November 4, 2021 because he has not committed any offense known to any law.

“Although we quite understand the pains and adverse effects of this option on our people, we are compelled to take it to achieve a better purpose in the collective interest of Biafrans.

“We have taken time to analyse what transpired on October 21 when our Leader was arraigned in court and discovered that the federal government is not sincere and only wants to humiliate him and keep him perpetually in DSS custody to rot there.

The group said it would not accept a secret trial of its leader, and “we can never also allow him to be tried under Sharia Law under any guise. Nigeria must follow international laws in handling our leader”.

“We seriously regret the inconveniences this may cause our people but it’s a necessary sacrifice we need to make until we have our full independence. Nobody resident in Biafra land is expected to flout this directive as doing so amounts to challenging the will of the people on the Biafra project.

“We have been enslaved and caged enough by the Fulani controlled federal government of Nigeria and its allies. If we shut down Biafra land just for one week to secure our permanent freedom, it is worth the sacrifice. Everybody should brace up for this sacrifice.”

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