IGP Baba to remain in office till 2025 despite 60 years mandatory retirement age

Inspector-General of Police Usman Baba Alkali would remain in office till 2025, having been appointed in 2021. The IGP is guaranteed a four-year tenure, according to the amended Police Act 2020.

Mohammed Dangyadi, the Minister of Police Affairs, affirmed IGP Baba would stay on even though he would clock the mandatory retirement age of 60 years in March.¬

At a briefing on Wednesday, Dangyadi said that“the IG is now supposed to have a kind of four-year period and Mr President has already given him a letter of appointment in that regard. So, the issue of IG going out during this election period does not arise.‚ÄĚ

TheCornet reports that Section 7 (6) of the Police Act 2020 states, thus, “The person appointed into the office of the Inspector-General of Police shall hold office for four years.”

This clearly conflicts with the Public Service Rule mandating compulsory retirement of a public servant upon attaining 60 years or, alternatively, where such had spent 35 years in service.

The exception to the rule however is for teachers, who are to retire at 65 years as stated in Section 3 of the Harmonized Retirement Age for Teachers Act 2022.


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