I will never fight dirty but make sacrifices for Nigeria – Tinubu

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, a frontline presidential aspirant, has broken his silence on the widely misreporting of a comment he made during his visit to the Olubadan-elect, Lekan Balogun on Sunday.

Tinubu had during the visit said some persons were being instigated to confront him and vowed to match them. His using the word “fight dirty” has been widely misrepresented in the media and by members of the public

In his tweet on Tuesday, Tinubu clarified, “I will never fight dirty for anything, but make sacrifices for Nigeria”

After listening to video of his visit, TheCornet News can confirm Tinubu’s exact statement as thus: “People are volunteering, we can confront him; we will confront him.” He also alluded to the writing of Greek philosopher, quoting him as saying that, “if you want to wrestle a pig, be ready to get dirty. No intimidation, no blackmail, no sort of insult will make me angry will make me say no more, I don’t want again.”

Tinubu is regarded as one of the strongest contenders for the Nigerian presidency and known to have vast connections spanning the political and economic circles and the grassroots.

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