I fled upon seeing four men, says Timaya over hit-and-run accusation

Timaya has denied abandoning the woman he was alleged to have hit with his car on Tuesday.

TheCornet had reported his arrest after a video of him being led away by police officers surfaced on the social media.

In his rebuttal, Timaya said he hurriedly fled the scene when he noticed “four suspicious looking men” with the lady.

He also said his car only hit the lady’s car bumper and he was unaware she sustained an injury.

 “When I got back yesterday, I told my people to go back to the hospital to get things under control. So I went to the husband’s house early this morning; they already made a police statement and all that”, he said.

“I went to the hospital today, trying to make sure she’s okay; come on, I didn’t even know it was that bad, it was crazy.

How I go hit person run you know? How much is her treatment? It’s not about that it’s beyond money. It’s the act, why I go run when I saw four guys coming towards my car I gats stick out.

“And again, what I was even avoiding was coming down (and to avoid them) putting me on social media, and I still went on social media las las, but it’s all good mehn.

“I’m only here because they say I do hit and run, I’m not that”, Timaya wrote on Instagram.




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