EU mission pledges fairness in Nigeria’s election monitoring

The European Union Election Observation Mission has avowed the body would not interfere with Nigeria’s forthcoming elections.

Barry Andrews, who led the mission to the country, said theirs is to observe that the polls are done in compliance with Nigerian laws, international, and regional commitments too.

He explains that the body’s findings would be independent of those of the “EU delegation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and ECOWAS, EU member states, EU institutions and other international organisations.”

”As part of its overall analysis, the EU EOM will closely follow its implementation.

“A Media Analyst and a Social Media Analyst are also undertaking an assessment of the role of the traditional media, as well as social media and digital communication during the process.

“The EU EOM started its work nearly three weeks ago with the arrival of a core team of 11 experts with competencies in various aspects of elections.

“Since January 29, 40 long-term observers in teams of two follow the electoral process in all the states of Nigeria.






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