APC to DSS: Pin down plotters of interim national govt.

The All Progressives Congress presidential council has urged the Department of State Services (DSS) to go after those it alleged were planning to sabotage smooth transition on May 29.

A member of the council, Idris Mohammed, said the campaign council aligns itself with the action of the DSS. Mohammed, who is the director of strategic communications of the council, urged the DSS to “pin down” the plotters.

He said, “The APC PCC is aligned with the position of the DSS, which we believe is doing its job. If this statement is coming directly from the DSS itself, it means that it is not an empty allegation. In any case, we believe the security agencies are also there to deal with this kind of situation. That is why they are there. Their duty is to thwart any threat against the Nigerian nation. They should react to it and go the extra mile to pin down those also responsible.

“We are seeing a pattern which we believe the DSS is also seeing. Otherwise, you cannot as far as call for a coup d’etat and pretend to still believe in democracy.”

The DSS, on Wednesday, alerted Nigerians to the alleged clandestine plot. It claimed that the aim of the plotters was to trigger disturbances in different parts of the court to bring about a declaration of state of emergency and creation of an Interim National Government (ING). The secret police warned those hatching the plot to stop forthwith.

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