Women want girl raped for rejecting suitor’s advances

At least, twelve women were part of a crowd that asked that a married woman be raped, a report said.

CNN reported that a crowd attacked a young married woman at her matrimonial home. They accused the unnamed victim of spurning relationship advances from a teenager, which caused him to take his own life.

A still image shows a crowd believed to be the young woman’s attackers.
Photo credit: CNN

The attackers, including women, had the married woman’s hair shaved and painted her face black. “They also paraded her on the street where some people in a cheering crowd called for her to be raped,” the report said.

The incident happened in a New Delhi neighbourhood, in India, on January 26. The video has just surfaced on social media.

The victim’s sister, Aarti watched part of the attack unfold but was powerless to stop it. Aarti is a pseudo name given to the sister to prevent retribution from the attackers.

“I was thinking of shouting, of telling someone, but the (accused) women grabbed me, saying they would beat me up,” said the 18-year-old, who CNN is calling Aarti to protect her sister’s identity as Indian law prohibits revealing the identity of rape victims,” Aarti said.

“They (alleged perpetrators) blamed her, but she didn’t do anything,” Aarti said. “I never thought they would go this far.”

The police have arrested 12 people, eight of them women, identified in the video.

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