Why we could not prevent Ikoyi building collapse – Lagos agency

An official of the Lagos State Building Control Agency, LASBAC, has alleged Femi Osibona, the owner of a high-rise that collapsed in Ikoyi last November, prevented officials from entering the construction site.

Oluseun Randle, who is assistant director, Inspectorate of Quality Control, LASBAC, told a coroner on Friday, in Lagos.

Randle alleged Osibona threatened to unleash dogs on the agencyā€™s official, when the latter visited to inspect the site.

ā€œAn officer first visited on February 13, 2019. He peeped through a small opening in the gate and observed piling equipment.

ā€œHe moved closer to observe the piling operation and to gain access to the premises. The security operatives manning the premises did not allow him entry.

ā€œHe was only asked to wait outside of the gate for the developer (Osibona). After some minutes, the developer came and the officer told him he wanted to serve a notice.

ā€œHe (Osibona) told him that he could not go in and if tried to forcefully gain entry, he would tell the security to release dogs,ā€ she said.

Osibona died along few of his associates and workers when the 21-storey building collapsed on them.



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