Why Boko Haram sponsors have not been prosecuted – Femi Adesina

Femi Adesina, President Muhammadu Buhari’s special adviser on media and publicity, has said Boko haram sponsors are yet unprosecuted because of ongoing investigation.


Adesina said this while appearing as a guest on a television breakfast show.

“You don’t take people before the court without investigation. The EFCC chairman spoke about it recently.

“Investigations are going on about it differently, at the level of the EFCC, at the level of the National Intelligence Agency, all security agencies would be working at it so that when those people eventually appeared in court, there would be prima facie case against them,” said Adesina.


Femi Adesina sitting and staring into the camera, with Buhari's picture at the background
Femi Adesina

There have been calls by Nigerians for prosecution terror sponsors. That has not yielded a positive result.

Mary Beth Leonard, US ambassador to Nigeria, recently, said her home government was willing to help Nigeria identify terror sponsors.

She said so at a round-table on U.S.-Nigeria military cooperation.

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