We will make Nigerian notary documents globally acceptable – Fikayo Durosimi-Etti

Nigerian notary practice is about to witness a transformation and global acceptability, according to Fikayo Durosimi-Etti, the lead at ToNote Technologies.

The firm, he says, is providing digital solution to notarial activities, based on its collaboration with the recently launched Society for Notary Public (SNP).

“We have created systems to enhance trust and reliability of documents for use in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world,” he said.

He added: “This innovation will ensure that signing and authenticating notarised legal documents such as deeds, contracts, agreements, power of attorney etc. are done in a faster and efficient manner.”

Durosimi-Etti also held that “Nigerians and Nigerian-owned businesses usually face delays in other jurisdictions, occasioned by rigorous verification processes of notarised documents.” He, however, expressed an optimism that the collaboration between his firm and the SNP would create “a positive shift” for notaries in Nigeria.

“We will Supreme Court of Nigeria in upholding the integrity of notarial practice in Nigeria.

“With this new regulatory landscape, ToNote’s cutting-edge technology ensures that notary documents processed on our systems are secured, accessible and verifiable,” he said.


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