Ukraine’s President delivers moving speech at Grammys

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy delivered a moving speech at Sunday’s Grammys.

The show’s compere, Trevor Noah, introduced President Zelensky, who appeared via video link to address the audience.

In a heartbreaking address, Zelenskiy said: ‘What’s more opposite to music? The silence of ruined cities and killed people.

‘Our children draw swooping rockets, not shooting stars. Over 400 children have been injured and 153 children died. And we’ll never see them drawing. Our parents are happy to wake up in the morning in bomb shelters but alive.

‘Our loved ones don’t know if we will be together again. The war doesn’t let us choose who survives and who stays in eternal silence.’

‘Our musicians wear body armour instead of tuxedos. They sing to the wounded. In hospitals. Even to those who can’t hear them but the music will break through anyway.

‘We defend our freedom to live, to love, to sound.

‘On our land we are fighting Russia, which brings horrible silence with its bombs. The dead silence.

‘Fill the silence with your music. Fill it today. To tell our story.’



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