Ukraine claims four Russian planes shot down

Ukrainian military claims to have shot down four planes in a day

In its daily update, Ukraine’s Staff of the Armed Forces said it successfully struck down four planes, three helicopters and several unmanned aircraft belonging to Russian forces in the last 24 hours.

It also said it launched “crushing strikes” on Russia’s field bases and warehouses to disrupt its logistical supply system on Ukrainian territory.

It added Russian forces had not made any further gains, and were focused on “consolidating and maintaining previously-occupied frontiers”.

The statement said civilian infrastructure – including religious facilities – were being co-opted by Russian forces to equip firing positions and to deploy weapons and military equipment.

It also claimed the “moral and psychological condition” of Russian forces remained at a “low level”, citing the refusal of Russian soldiers to obey commands or participate in combat.

The BBC, which published the story, said it was not able to independently verify any of these claims.

Meanwhile, Russian and Ukrainian officials are said to be working on new agreements to allow a ceasefire and civilian evacuation.

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