Tunisia police lock judges out of their offices

Tunisia police have locked out judges out of their offices. The country’s judicial officers have disagreed with President Kais Saied over his decision to dissolve the national judicial body in the country.

The head of Tunisia’s Supreme Judicial Council says police have locked the doors of their office and have stopped the judges from entering the building – a day after President Kais Saied dissolved the country’s main legal body.

Judge Youssef Bouzakher said on Sunday that the dissolution of the council was illegal and that his staff would carry on overseeing an independent judiciary.

President Saied accuses the judges of bias and corruption. The president says trying to rid the country of corruption and reset the 2011 revolution.

But his moves have raised fears among civil society groups who see this as the latest step in his consolidation of power.

The president accuses the judges of bias and corruption.


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