Tinubu’s security guards’ ‘disrespectful’ act worries citizens

A Nigerian citizen, Kayode Ogundamisi, has spoken out about what he believes showed a lack of decorum and disrespect by security aides of President Bola Tinubu. He made the comment on X.

Ogundamisi had shared a video clip of President Tinubu giving a speech at a recent function, held in Abuja. In the video, originally published by Channels television, three suited security officers could be seen chatting away behind the President, who at the time was giving a speech.

The setting was the commissioning of the arterial road, which is to be constructed in Nigeria’s federal capital.

In his remark, citizen Ogundamisi deplored the conduct of the presidential guards.

He said: “The lack of decorum and disrespect by the security details/officials are embarrassing.”

The poster queried: “What gossip was so important that they could not wait until the President @officialABAT (referring to Tinubu’s X handle) was done with his speech or until they met in a bear garden?

Another user, Hakeem Salaam, @hspimages, shared Ogundamisi’s displeasure and highlighted a similar scenario that earlier took place.

“It’s very embarrassing. The other time it was the media crew crisscrossing the podium while the president was speaking. Complete lack of professionalism,” Salaam stated.

Stating another similar scenario, Shola Adeyiga, using the handle @solaadeyiga, said:

“A similar thing happened when the President was making his speech at the National Assembly on May 29th. One of the protocol officers who was seated behind the President stretched from his seat to pass information to the Senate President. It looked disrespectful.”

However, Ishmael Adam, interpreted the scene differently. “How do you know they were gossiping? It could be a security discussion bcos these guys are highly trained beyond what you think,” Adam said, using his handle @ishmaelbiu.

In support of Adam’s view, Chigozie (@DonXuXii) wrote: “You (the poster) clearly don’t understand their job requirement. Leave this one out.”

Ogundamisi’s analysis of the video has gathered 108 reposts, 361 likes, and bookmarked 122 times as at the time of publishing this report.

TheCornet reports that a Nigerian President is usually protected by Presidential Guards Brigade and the Department of State Security (DSS). Wikipedia, an open source online encyclopaedia, describes the presidential guards as “an elite brigade of the Nigerian Army responsible for protecting the President of Nigeria.”

See video below …



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