Tinubu shuns ministers’ requests for specific vehicles

President Bola Tinubu has turned down requests from some of his cabinet members to purchase petrol vehicles, and instead, told them to buy compulsorily Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles. A presidency statement, issued on Monday, hinged President Tinubu’s motive on the need “to ensure energy security, drive utility, and cut high fuel costs.”

The President reportedly considered “Nigeria’s effort to transition to cleaner energy” and the reality that CNG vehicles produce “lower emissions” and cheaper to run, compared to petrol.

“We have the will to drive the implementation of CNG adoption across the country, and we must set the example as public officials,” Tinubu reportedly told his cabinet during a federal executive council meeting.

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“The President remains committed to effectively harnessing the nation’s gas potential, alleviating the burden of high transportation costs on the masses while enhancing the standard of living of all Nigerians,” the statement added.

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