Teenager arrested for forcing toddler to inhale cannabis

A teenager is facing child abuse accusation after it became public that she forced a toddler to inhale cannabis. The suspect, Naledi Roberts, 17, of Florida U.S. is said to have recorded footage of the incident, in which she lit the joint and could be seen placing it into the one-year-old girl’s mouth.

The child then inhaled the cannabis as the embers at the end of the cigarette glowed brighter.

Roberts then allegedly took it out of the child’s mouth and placed it into her own before inhaling. Detectives discovered the footage she had recorded and arrested her. It is unclear how police obtained the clip.

Upon being questioned, Roberts admitted to smoking marijuana near the tot, who she was babysitting for her 16-year-old friend.

However, after she was confronted with the footage, Roberts went on to admit she had put the joint into the child’s mouth.

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