Primate Ayodele: A fearless admonisher against doom

By Fola Ademosu

The crowd was not the usual congregants who gather every worship day to listen to soulful sermons. Neither was the event a church service. In joyous moods, numerous journalists filled every inch of available space in the white-painted, beautifully decorated Kefas Hall, named after Governor of Taraba State Agbu Kefas. Both the journalists and other guests had all gathered to join in launching the 2024 edition of “Prophetic Warnings to The Nation,”  a catalogue of prophecies and admonitions published annually by Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, the spiritual leader of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church.

30 years have rolled by since Primate Ayodele first announced himself as a moral compass, especially for governments to navigate governance issues both locally and internationally. Although not a manual for political governance, the book ‘Prophetic Warnings to the Nation’ has proven to be a treasured documentation of divinely inspired instructions and admonitions. With a warm smile, Primate Ayodele addressed the press, sharing his insights on the ruling elite, current economic hardship, the economy, agitation for self-determination, impending disasters, and the country’s future.

Attired in immaculate white native wear adorned with ornamental trimmings, Primate Ayodele thundered into his microphone: “I see serious protest before 2027.” The severity of his revelations quickly resonated with his audience, who, unquestionably, are equally facing the insufferable economic situation in the country.

“It will be more terrible than EndSARS,” the cleric added. He emphasized the need for the government to create policies that would alleviate economic hardship. His words were laced with a sense of urgency, as he equally warned of the potential disintegration of the Nigerian federation if his warnings were ignored.

As a fact, those who fail to heed his warnings tend to reap the consequences. While the others who do take solace in spiritual prayers to avert the doomsday. “I don’t want my prophetic warnings to come to pass,”  he retorted to a question from a journalist who questioned their negativity. Instead, Ayodele wishes that those affected by it take heed and pray against its eventual occurrence.

Despite the seriousness of his message, the atmosphere remained lighthearted, with Primate Ayodele’s warmth and humility shining through.

In a remarkable display of philanthropy, he surprised several journalists in attendance with financial assistance, demonstrating his devotion to humanity and commitment to supporting those who have supported him over the years.

Throughout the event, Primate Ayodele’s consistency, dedication, and passion for Nigeria’s well-being were evident. His prophetic warnings have become a beacon of hope for many, and his tireless efforts to guide the nation towards a brighter future are a testament to his unwavering commitment.

As the celebration came to a close, Primate Ayodele’s message lingered, inspiring all to strive for a better tomorrow. His legacy continues to inspire generations, and his prophetic warnings remain a guiding light for Nigeria’s journey forward.


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