Nigerian media misreported Imudia’s death as suicide – Family

The family of Nick Imudia, a former chief executive officer of Konga, an e-commerce company, has reacted to the report that he committed a suicide.

The family said that Imudia neither took his own life nor wrote down an instruction on how his properties should be shared after his death.

Until the family’s statement on Sunday, some reports had it that Imudia jumped to his death from the balcony of his house.

But the bereaved family said it was “unhappy with the unprofessional manner the media has wrongly characterized the reporting of Nick Imudia’s death as suicide,” the family said.

“Neither did Nick call his brother in America with instructions on how to distribute his wealth, nor placed a call to his daughter with any instructions,” the family said.

“How come the news was reported so hastily (less than 3 hours from his death) before his family members even knew about it – and the medical team was still trying to resuscitate him at the hospital.”

“Nick was full of life and people that worked closely with him or met him in the last hours prior to the incident surrounding his death were shocked with the media attributing his death to ‘suicide’.

“He was on a short visit to Lagos after a brief trip to the Netherlands and was to return to Nairobi a day after his sudden death.

“He comes from a close-knit family where support abounds and Nick never showed any sign of stress and he was not diagnosed as depressed at any point.

“The thought of suicide in the manner portrayed and hastilly reported by the news media is suspect.”

The Imudia family also stated that the police are investigating the matter.


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