Mob snatches suspects from police, burn them to death

A mob has carried out jungle justice on two suspects alleged to possess a fresh human head at Oja Odan, in Ogun State.

According to a report, the mob seized the suspects, namely Idowu Afolabi and Johnson Adebiyi from police custody, after which they set them alight.

“The youths caught the two men with a fresh human head. The police came to take the suspects away. About an hour later, the youths said the killers must be dealt with immediately. They mobilised themselves in their hundreds to the police station in Oja Odan,” a source, identified only as Adeyemi, reportedly said.

“The youths forced themselves into the police cell, dragged the suspects to an open space in front of the police station and set them on fire,” he added.

The Ogun State Police Command has reacted to the burning of the two suspects.

Lanre Bankole, the commissioner of police for Ogun State, has frowned upon the act of jungle justice.

“While the suspects were being interrogated in the station, some unscrupulous elements went and mobilized a large number of people who invaded the station aggressively, overwhelmed the police personnel on duty and subsequently hijacked the suspects, beat them to death and set their corpses ablaze,” he said.

Bankole described the act as an “uncivilized behaviour” and vowed henceforth to “deal with whoever carries out such actions in the most decisive manner”

The commissioner has also ordered the arrest of those behind the act.

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