Minister promises release of arrested journalist soon

Mohammed Idris, minister of information and national orientation, has assured that a journalist, Daniel Ojukwu, who the law enforcement arrested for Cybersecurity breach, would regain his freedom soon. Idris stated this at NUJ Press Freedom and Good Governance Awards, held on Saturday, in Abuja. Ojukwu is a journalist working with the Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ).

Idris, said: “I know that we have had some challenges, especially in the last couple of weeks concerning one journalist who has had some problems with the security agencies.”

“That problem has been solved or is being solved. I’m being reminded by someone today that there’s another one. We are also working to ensure that one is also resolved,” the minister promised.

Idris reminded his audience his promise of ensuring “the best times for media practitioners” while he is minister.

“Press freedom is very important to uphold,” he said. “But I keep telling us also, reminding us that your freedom also has to go with enormous responsibility. You cannot allow purveyors of disinformation and fake news to occupy your space,” Idris added.

The minister revealed that the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)  is coming up with a guide to ensure accurate reporting by journalists.

“The Nigerian press will continue to be free,” he assured.

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