Married man kills girlfriend, self

A married man, Hakeem Oladimeji, has taken his own life after killing his yet-to-be-identified girlfriend in the Bariga area of Lagos State.

Oladimeji and his girlfriend reportedly had an altercation that resulted in violence. He was said have to hit the woman with a stick in the head, leading to her instant death.

In his bid to evade arrest, Oladimeji lumped the woman’s corpse in his Toyota Sienna bus and drove to his residence in Ogun State.

His body and the lifeless woman’s were later found in a stationary bus along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The stench of the corpses arose suspicion from artisans working at a nearby workshop from where the vehicle was parked.

This attracted a crowd who speculated that the couple might have died during sexual intercourse.

However, the police have dismissed the claim, as reported previously by TheCornet.


The police have clarified that the strange death of a couple found inside a Sienna bus, along Mowe-Ibafo axis of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, was not caused by a sexual romp.

TheCornet reports that a viral video showing some persons who were peeping into a stationery bus to see its occupants.

The bus, marked LSD 992HH, was at the same spot for two days before suspicious persons decided to raise an alarm.

Abimbola Oyeyemi, spokesperson for Ogun State Police Command, reportedly told a newspaper that speculation about a sex romp was untrue.

“They did not die while having sex.

“The man had earlier been reported at Ilaje police station in Lagos. He was reported for hitting an object on his lover’s head.

“When the lady became unconscious, the man put her in his car and drove off. He reportedly took snipper on their way to Ogun State and they were both found dead around NASFAT. Investigation is ongoing to ascertain the cause of the death.”

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