Man Utd. shreds Cristiano Ronaldo’s £16m contract, as Rooney finally speaks

Manchester United plan legal action aimed at ripping Cristiano Ronaldo’s £16million contract into shreds. The development is engendered by an interview Ronaldo granted Piers Morgan, during which he criticized the club.

According to SunSport, United have reportedly instructed Ronaldo not to return to Carrington once he gets back from the World Cup.

It is also understood the club have begun the legal process to terminate Ronaldo’s £500k-a-week deal without paying him a single penny of the £16million he would have earned until he deal expires at the end of June.

Equally, Ronaldo’s former team-mate Wayne Rooney, who he criticised and called ‘a rat’ during the interview, has reacted to the insult.

Rooney was asked about the interview while attending the 2022 Globe Soccer Awards in Dubai.

The United legend responded saying: “Well, listen, Cristiano Ronaldo’s a fantastic player and, as I’ve said before, he and Messi are the two best players probably to play the game.

“And, again, it’s not a criticism. What I’ve said is age comes to all of us, and Cristiano is obviously feeling now that he’s finally had to deal with that.

Obviously, he’s done an interview, and it’s gone global, and it’s strange, some of the comments are strange.

“But I’m sure Manchester United will deal with it once they’ve seen the full interview, and they will take whatever action they need to take.”


Credit: Sun


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