Man rapes woman in front of her child

A man has been accused of raping a woman in his home and in the presence of her child.

The alleged rapist reportedly force-marched his victim and her two children while he held a machete in his hand.

The Zimbabwean, identified as Brighton Ndlovu, 27, had declared his interest in the woman, who as a result accepted to be his girlfriend.

The two did not see again until the day of the alleged rape on March 25.

During his arraignment, the prosecutor Clive Gumbo told the court that Ndlovu, who was drunk, threatened to attack the complainant with a machete if she refused to go with him.

Gumbo said: “On the 18th day of March, the accused proposed love to the complainant who accepted.

“On the 25th of March at 10 PM, the accused who was drunk proceeded to the complainant’s place of residence.

“He was armed with a machete.”

He added that Ndlovu, on the fateful day, visited his victim’s home.

“The complainant opened the door and Ndlovu ordered her to wake her two children up and go with him to his homestead.

“She complied in fear of being killed as the suspect was reportedly violent and armed.

“Ndlovu, the complainant and her children passed by a neighbour’s place where they left one of the children before proceeding.

“When they arrived at Ndlovu’s place of residence, he allegedly led the complainant to a kitchen hut where he ordered her to place her child on the floor and remove her clothes.

“Ndlovu allegedly raped the woman once before ordering her to go back to her homestead.

“She immediately informed her brother about the attack and a report was made to the police leading to Ndlovu’s arrest.”

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