Makinde to electorate: ‘Send me packing if you wish’

Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo State, has said he is ready to quit his position if the electorate do not want him any longer.

He told a gathering at the pan-Yoruba Congress, held at Mapo Hall, Ibadan, the capital of the state.

“I contested election in 2007, 2011 and 2015 but failed and when it is time for God to make me a governor, he made me. If the people of the state decide that they don’t want me again, I will only take my bag and leave because I don’t have a pin in the office,” said the governor.

“If the people of Oyo State ask me to leave the office as governor today, I won’t hesitate to leave the office because I go to office daily with my bag.”

“Let me tell you here today. I don’t have a political father. It was God who made me governor and not human being. I fear only God and not any human. No matter how powerful a man is, I cannot fear him.”

Makinde has come under the spotlight over his handling of the farmer-herder crisis and the communal clashes between natives and Hausa traders.

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