Lagos policemen ‘demand’ 50:50 sharing formula from suspected ‘Yahoo Boy’

A citizen Patrick Casey has accused some unidentified police officers from the Lagos state command of extorting N150,000 from him.

Casey, also known as Qasebeatz, identifies describes himself as a music producer. In a string of tweet, Patrick said some police officers, attached to the the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department Annex, (FCID) Alagbon, Ikoyi, stopped him at the Admiralty Way, Lekki.

The officers, he claimed, accused him of being an internet fraudster (Yahoo Yahoo) and demanded he split his account balance with them. Some of the policemen, he alleged, wore mufti while two others were dressed in police uniforms.

“Other police officers arrived in two cars, charging towards me, saying I was challenging a police officer.

“I disagreed then he began insulting me and reached for my phone immediately and asked me to open it, instructed four armed officers to get into my car and asked me to follow.

“I asked ‘for what’? They accused me of fraud calling me a yahoo boy with no evidence to justify their accusations. They finally got me to the police station in Ikoyi …They asked me to give them half of what was in my account. In their own words, ‘50-50’”, Patrick stated.

“One of the officers later said ‘this boy has nothing on him’ but let’s just take the money and let him go. So, he requested 200K and I told him it was my rent money so he later settled for 150,000. Prior to this, I had hidden my ATM cards under the carpet and told him I have no ATM cards,” he said.

According to him, the officers gave him a bank account, owned by one Aliyu Maryam Mayeloye, to whom to send the money. He was later released when the officers confirmed the recipient had gotten the deposit.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the spokesperson for the Lagos Police Command, in his response to the allegation, said that the “FCID is out of my jurisdiction.”

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