Lagos Govt wades into Nedu, wife’s marital dispute

The Ministry of Justice in the Lagos State Government has waded into the marital dispute between comedian Chinedu Ani, otherwise known as Nedu, and his wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri.

The estranged couple has faced bitter separation. Ohiri recently accused Ani of neglecting their children’s welfare.

In his pushback, Ani accused Ohiri of marital infidelity and went on to publish a DNA test showing one of the three children between them was not his.

On Tuesday, Ohiri and Ani had met the SCID, Panti, following an invitation by the police. It was alleged that the police withdrew the two children from Ohiri and handed them to her estranged husband.

Ani, on Wednesday, clarified that Ohiri willingly surrendered the children. He also said he had returned to SCID to hand back the kids to Ohiri, but she failed to turn up and her phone, unreachable.

“Since she said she did not willingly give me the kids and that we seized the kids from her, I am at Panti now to return the kids but she is nowhere. She has turned off her phone and she has done everything for us not to reach her. I hope you can write that,” Ani told ThePUNCH.

According to Ohiri’s relative, Uzo, the mother of three fell ill.

“Uzo has not been feeling too well since this ordeal began and giving up her children on Tuesday had an emotional toll on her.

“She has also been invited by the Ministry of Justice in Lagos State. As it is, her phones are off but I am sure she will turn them on soon,” the relation was quoted as saying.

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