Labour adamant as FG ups minimum wage offer

The Federal Government and organized labour unions have failed to agree on a new minimum wage for workers, despite the former raising its initial offer.

A report had quoted a source as saying that the government offered N60,000, shifting from the N57,000 wage it earlier proposed.

Labour, majorly the Nigerian Labour Congress and the Trade Union Congress have stuck to their demand of N497,000.

“This is simply a case of if they go higher, we will go lower. They need to propose something reasonable for us to propose something lower too. There is no two-way about it.

“Also, we have a way of meeting as members of the Labour before each committee meeting. This will help us to take a uniform stand by the time we get to the meeting front.

“So as long as the government is ready to present something reasonable, we will meet them in the middle,” the source, whom the report identified to be a labour leader, said.

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