Girl survives living inside faeces for three days

A little girl has survived three horrific days inside a pit latrine. The girl, named Lydia, was playing with other children before her mysterious disappearance in the Jos neighbourhood where her aunt, Deborah Izang, resides.

The search launched to find Lydia proved futile.

It later happened that a neighbour went to defecate inside a pit latrine, situated in an abandoned building close-by. The said neighbour reportedly heard a sound and decided to look down into the latrine. He noticed someone was in there and raised an alarm. The neighbour, alongside others, pulled Lydia out from the latrine.

Narrating the incident, Izang said, “On the third day of her disappearance, I was told that we should consult a man who has some kind of powers of locating missing children/people. It was while on my way there that my husband called me that Lydia has been found in a pit in an uncompleted building where people go to defecate and dump refuse.

“At about 10am in the morning, a boy had gone there to defecate and then heard movement in the pit. He then looked into the pit and saw her. He was initially afraid and confused, but afterwards rushed out to raise an alarm and people rushed there.

“The people who came concluded that she must be the missing girl the community has been on the look out for. The boy then went into the pit and pulled Lydia out, and the others who gathered around the pit assisted him from outside.

“There were big stones in the pit, and we think the injury on her forehead must have resulted from the stones or something. She was also very weak after she was brought out from the pit and her right hand was not functioning well.

“We then rushed her to Plateau Hospital where she was treated. Her recovery was rapid, thus making her to be discharged soon. She is now playing in the house with the other kids as usual,” she said.


Credit: Daily Trust

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