Drug addict Lagos mom abandons own babies to get her fix

A young mother residing at Adelakun street, in the Iju Ishaga area of Lagos, has reportedly abandoned her two toddlers while she might have gone to get her fix.

Concerned neighbours had called the attention of the police to the recurring abandonments of the toddlers. The police team arrived at the address to rescue the kids.

The police station had received a similar complaint about the toddlers’ mother’s behaviour some months ago and, like in the current instance, rescued the kids.

Without informing her neighbours, the said mother would allegedly lock up the kids inside her apartment for several hours. The neighbours claimed the kids go without food at such times when their mother’s whereabouts is unknown.

Ebenezer Omejalile, who works with a child rights group “Advocate for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network”, alleged that the mother of the infants had been grappling with substance abuse.

“According to the informants, the mother, purportedly struggling with substance abuse issues, would lock her children inside their apartment and remain absent for the entirety of the day.

“These two minors were left to fend for themselves. They eat, defecate, sleep and wake up locked up in the room yet nothing is being done. The DPO of the Red House Police Station was duly informed about it and the infants were rescued,” he said.

Responding to the development, the Lagos police command said the kids are now in safe hands.


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