Davido neglected daughter Imade for two years – Dele Momodu

Dele Momodu, a veteran journalist and politician, has revealed that afro-beat singer David Adeleke (a.k.a Davido) neglected his daughter, Imade and did not pay her school fees for two years. Momodu’s niece, Sophia, is engaged in a custody battle with Davido over the child.

Momodu stated that he had discussed the child’s unpaid school fees and welfare with Davido’s billionaire father, Dr. Deji Adeleke.

“David’s Dad cleared everything and also set up payments of future bills. He gave his granddaughter a car to take her to school,” he wrote in his post on Facebook. Davido had claimed in the lawsuit he filed that he bought a Sports Utility Vehicle for Imade’s use. Momodu said, “There was no car dedicated to David’s daughter.”

He also wrote that Sophia told him she would not feel comfortable living in the same building as Davido’s family members because she was not his legal wife.

Momodu added: “The court yesterday referred the case for possible settlement by the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) section of the court during Settlement Week and I strongly advise that David (and Sophia) engage truly with the process as opposed to making harmful and irreversible statements on social media which not only violate the law but the interest of their child.”

Sophia had responded to Davido’s request for joint custody of Imade, according to a lawsuit he filed. In her statement of claim, Sophia said she would not entrust her daughter’s custody to Davido, saying his negligence led to the drowning of his son with his now legally married wife, Chioma.


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