Churchgoer dies in ‘Okada’ accident

A churchgoer fell off from a commercial motorcycle she, her husband, and son were riding to church on Sunday. The incident happened at opposite Mobil Petrol station, Obantoko area of Abeokuta-Ibadan Road in Ogun State.

According to the story, the rider suddenly swerved the handlebar of motorcycle in the bid to avoid colliding with an oncoming vehicle. This resulted in the woman falling off from the motorcycle and hitting her head on the ground.

The rider and the passengers were not wearing crash helmets, thereby causing severe injury to the victim.

Ogun State’s Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE), reacted to the accident. Babatunde Akinbiyi,  the spokesperson for the outfit, said the rider abandoned the victim and her family and sped away.

“Her corpse has been taken by the family for burial at Osiele axis,” he said.

TheCornet reports that motorcycles, known in local parlance as Okada’ are a common means of commuting for many Nigerians across various cities.

Due to the incidence of reckless driving by riders and the tendency to be used robbery and terrorist activities, some state government have banned the use of motorcycle as a means of transport.

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