62 years old woman who cannot do without having sex daily speaks

At an age when some women her age are experiencing declining appetite for sex, United Kingdom-born Suzanne Noble, 62, is having plenty of orgasms.

She admits she loves sex and makes sure she has regular romps with her toy boy lover.

Every morning the mother-of-two wakes up eager to get frisky and, if her partner isn’t next to her, she’ll treat herself to some solo time with a saucy gadget to get her kicks.

Suzanne, from London, spoke to the UK tabloid ‘The Sun’ about how she thinks it’s important to start the day with an orgasm.

She says that if she skips her morning session, she only ends up feeling “distracted” during the day, and it can leave her very irritated.

Suzanne uses her Tik Tik to enlighten women, with the intention to break down the stigma surrounding women masturbating and using sex toys.

Suzanne said: “I’ve used sex toys for years – my first ones about 30 years ago were very basic, noisy and buzzing with rattly batteries. Through to the rabbit and now the toys of today which are very sophisticated, largely quiet and even ones you can use with a long-distance partner controlling them with an app.

“The more we understand our bodies, the more we can understand what gives us pleasure and then we can help someone else to give us an orgasm. I believe it’s beneficial to most people to experiment with them.”

Suzanne confessed she has 15 different toys that she uses regularly, depending on her mood. She’s had many more in the past, but now she tends to throw them away when she discovers better products.

Suzanne has always loved getting frisky ever since she lost her virginity aged 17. She admitted her first time was a “one night stand”, which she really enjoyed.

The experience taught her not to associate sex with love but, instead, as something that gives you a lot of pleasure.

She added: “Good sex makes you feel great, and I believe in the mantra ‘use it or lose it’. The more you have, the better you feel and the more you want it.


“You release feel good chemicals when you have an orgasm, it helps relieve pain, it improves your heart health, relieves stress and boosts your immune system. I might be 62, but I look and feel much younger.”

Dead woman wakes up inside morgue, taken back to emergency room

A woman was believed to have come back from the dead after she started moving in a hospital morgue. This happened at the San Juan de Dios General Hospital, located in Guatemala City.

The unnamed lady’s body had been in the mortuary for five hours. Morgue workers wheeled the woman — inside a body bag – through the hospital to alert doctors that she was allegedly still alive.

A hospital spokesperson said the young woman had first arrived in a “precarious condition.” Doctors decided to move her back to the emergency room, making efforts to resuscitate her.

Despite resuscitation efforts, the patient did not show any vital signs and she was declared dead for a second and final time.



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