40,000 homes to get electricity from waste in Lagos – Govt.

Lagos state government says it is targeting to provide electricity to 40,000 homes through solid waste conversion. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Monday, signed a partnership deal with a Dutch firm, Harvest Waste Consortium, for the setting up of the waste conversion plant on the Epe landfill. The government expects the plant to generate between 60 to 75 megawatts of electricity annually.

Sanwo-Olu said that the plant would process 2,250 tonnes of waste daily. “The plant will not only provide a sustainable alternative to the current practice of waste dumping, it will also divert more than 95 per cent of our waste from landfill sites,” the governor said.

He added that the environment would benefit as the plant is expected to trap about 550,000 metric tons of Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emitted daily from dumpsite.

“The facility will ensure that the potentially harmful effects of municipal solid waste are minimised, thereby protecting public health and the environment,” he said. Sanwo-Olu believes the project would “enhance

Public health and contribute to the circular economy by reducing landfill dependency and promoting recycling.”

Mr. Evert Lichtenbelt, the managing director of Harvest Waste Consortium, said, “Amsterdam and Lagos share similar challenges in managing population and waste. What we do is exporting knowledge on managing waste properly.

“This MoU has set a good pace for both partner. We made a proposal to manage part of the solid waste of Lagos and in future, we can expand.”

Ms. Leonie Van der Stijl, Deputy Consul General of the Netherlands Consulate, revealed that Lagos state was the first partner of the Dutch waste management.

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