15 killed in road mishap

A truck, on Saturday evening, crashed into four passenger buses, leading to 15 deaths. According to reports, the mishap took place at the Imo State University (IMSU) junction, in Owerri, in Nigeria’s southeast region.

The truck, which encountered a brake failure, veered off from the opposite direction to hit the ill-fated buses.

“The trailer was carrying stones and was driving at a high speed when it failed to stop at the IMSU junction.

“The driver was trying to avoid hitting those passengers and mini-buses that usually occupy the junction when it veered off the opposite lane, hitting more than four small buses loaded with passengers,” a witness said.

TheCornet gathered there was no emergency response for over an hour after the incident.

The witness stated that officers of the Imo police command and Nigeria Civil Defense Corps usually mount a roadblock at the spot the accident occurred.

However, none of the two para-military agencies responded to the situation.

Source: TheCable, additional resource from TheCornet

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